The HA Weekly Calendar

The HA Weekly Calendar

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Gals, 2021 is the time to get your period back and cycling healthily and as a huge fan of calendars, journaling and staying organised I’ve developed the first ever (from what I’ve researched 🤣🤣) HA Recovery Weekly calendar. Downloadable and then able to print at home or use as a guide in your journal! 

Each week you’re presented with a fresh page where you can write 3 intentions you’re going to focus on. I recommend these to be HA recovery friendly and might be something like the below: 

- No HIIT 

- Eat carbs at every meal

- Meditate everyday 

- Eat every 3 hours 

- Eat chocolate everyday 

- Practice Self care everyday

Then each day you’ve got the space to write any PMS or HA symptoms. Maybe your sex drive is on fire for a day (good sign) or your boobs are sore! You can track it all.

We’ve got a mood tracker to see if there is any correlation with your cycles and to help keep you focused on loving yourself.

and then of course the period and ovulation tracker, simply circle ⭕️ when experiencing one (if you have that) 

HA is a journey and even if you’ve had a couple of periods, it’s still important to track so you can keep an eye on fluctuations or patterns if you lose it again (like I did!) 


hope you love it as much as I do!