I completely get it, you're either going through HA or you're struggling with not feeling fulfilled in life. You might be trying to recover from HA, you might be struggling to let go of disordered eating, you might have recovered or never experience HA before and just want to look and feel your best. 

My approach is mind first. As your accountability approach I will support you and guide you based on my own experience and everything I've learnt throughout my HA recovery, PT course, nutrition courses and endless studying on self development to help you fall back into life, recover for any disordered eating and love yourself and your body.

We need to work on how we view our lives and ourselves so we can work on our physical selves to be the best we can be. We look at your life as a whole to make moves into make it your best yet. 

A little tough love with a whole bucket load of healing. We look at:

- How you currently perceive your life and yourself

- How you want to perceive your life and yourself

- The beliefs we have stopping us reaching our goals, both physically and mentally 

- Actionable steps that make us get to our physical, mental and life goals 

- Accountability to make sure we are on the right path 

- Weekly development to keep going deeper within ourselves, questioning limiting beliefs and toxic habits and continue to work towards our best selves. 


- 1-2-1 coaching 

- Group Workshops

- Webinar Replays 


Ready to get your life back? Just drop me a message!